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To Elemental Gold
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One of our BEST SELLERS!  These are the original solid cast brass knuckles!  Almost indestructible, this little piece of history will look great wherever you choose to display them.  MUST BE 18 TO PURCHASE!
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Our chrome plated stainless steel knuckles are so highly polished that you can see your reflection in them.  Super strong and super flashy, this item is sure to get you noticed!  MUST BE 18 TO PURCHASE!
Asian - Samurai Sword Sets / Katanas / Sword Canes / Ninja Swords / Tantos / 
Sword Stands
To Elemental Wood
Historical / Medieval / Fantasy - Swords / Axes / Spears / Maces / Armor /
To Elemental Water
To Elemental Sky
To Elemental Unity
To Elemental Fire
To Elemental Earth
Folding Knives - MTech USA / Tactical / Gentleman's / Wood Handle / 
Fantasy / Collector's
Fantasy - Daggers: Serpent / Egyptian / Creatures of the Night / Axes & 
Spears / Bowies / Mongolian / Letter Openers
Hunting Knives / Military Combat - MTech USA Tactical Fixed Blades / 
Military Combat Knives / Survival Knives / Neck Knives / Machetes 
Boot Knives
Flying Objects - Throwing Knives & Stars / Blow Guns / Crossbows & 
Security / Martial Arts - Handcuffs / Batons / Nunchaku / Bo & Jo Staff / 
Ninja & Training Equipment / SAI / Competition Weapons
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